• About Me

    Saga Foss, born in Detroit and now lives in Georgia, Atlanta, works in various creative fields and has many life goals. They are not only concerned with bettering their own lives but also with helping those around them. One of their main activities is activism, particularly for Black Lives Matter and March for Our Lives, which they regard as important social change movements.


    Foss has already made a difference in Detroit by joining and helping to lead the Free Grace Movement. This protest centered on a 15-year-old girl who was wrongfully detained for failing to complete her homework. Their overnight protest aided in releasing the young girl, who had been detained for several months. Foss strongly supports peaceful protests such as these


    Furthermore, Foss has participated in the Free My People movement, a significant legal initiative that has aided in the release of wrongfully accused and imprisoned people of color. Foss supports a variety of pro-black movements and hopes they will lead to national change. While there has been significant progress on these fronts, they believe that more could be done.


    Saga Foss has identified several creative endeavors that have brought them great joy over the years. Crocheting is one of these, and it is a useful art that can be used to make clothes, blankets, and other items. They are, however, skilled in painting and drawing and have sold numerous works of art, which gives them great satisfaction. Making someone else happy is more important to Foss than money.


    Furthermore, Foss is a digital artist with years of Photoshop experience. This platform has enabled them to create stunning digital art, including landscapes. They have also used Photoshop when developing websites and working on films. Foss has also used his photography and videography skills to create short films for YouTube and other platforms.


    Saga is also interested in philosophy and poetry and has written several poems that explore deep spiritual concepts and black liberation. All of their creative work is focused on the suffering of African Americans in America to highlight their plight, raise awareness, and achieve active social change.


    In many ways, Saga Foss's dedication has linked them to their generation. Social change and progressive thought have become critical for many in their peer group. They strongly believe in the 1960s idealism that helped bring about change in that decade. Saga hopes to change minds about what can be done about the challenges of black America by utilizing their natural talents. 


    With so much of their life ahead of them, Foss could do pretty much whatever they wanted. Foss provides inspiration to all who meet them and is an example of how younger generations can fix the mistakes of older generations and make the world a better place to be.


    While they recognize that change does not occur overnight, they believe in the long-term viability of progress and the role that all generations must play in bettering the world around them. Saga's path to change could take a number of different paths. They have expressed an interest in expanding their activist activities, including assisting wrongfully accused individuals in obtaining their freedom.


    Saga Foss has also expressed an interest in using multiple content platforms to spread important social change messages. For example, they intend to continue making films and creating art that highlights the plight of African Americans. They also intend to work with non-profit organizations to help actualize real progress and make America the kind of country they are proud to call home.